This provides an online continuously updated source of information for HR managers and practitioners in SA who take their careers seriously.

It tracks the trends in pay levels, the wage gap and pay structures of employees at different levels and in different sectors year by year going back twenty years in most cases.
It provides guidance in the form of write-ups on alternative policies and on the implementation of change projects relating to, inter alia ?

– organization development
– right-sizing strategy
– job profiling, grading and benchmarking
– pay progression and broadbanding
– the market positioning of guaranteed pay
– performance and operational management systems
– the matching of pay to performance
– incentive and share schemes
– motivation and retention strategy
– employment benefits
– total package administration
– labour relations

The subject-matter is dealt with in seven sections, each divided into a framework of five or six chapters. Case studies are appended to the chapters to which they relate.

In total some sixty areas in which HR executives conventionally become involved are dealt with in this way. Each chapter is presented to subscribers as a PDF file, page numbered from 1 to typically 10 up to 15. Each has an introduction explaining typical problems, a middle section dealing with alternative solutions and an end containing carefully considered professional advice. The file can in this form be printed out and presented to top management as representing a summary of market best practice. Case studies can be printed out and used for internal problem-solving workshops or meetings.

Trend charts are set out in each chapter summarizing the approaches found across the SA labour market under each heading based on the annual surveys of P-E Corporate Services SA summarizing the policies in place within over 800 surveyed organizations.

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