Our Remcom Information Service

This provides an online continuously updated source of reference for members of remuneration committees (both write-ups and statistics) with the focus on the following:

• Corporate governance and best practice affecting remuneration policy (both local and international practices are dealt with);
• senior executive remuneration policy, under the headings of –
• the market-positioning of guaranteed pay,
• merit increment grant policy,
• variable pay policy, and
• motivation and retention strategy;
• pay trends and statistics, including the following JSE studies, which may be of guidance to other companies and organizations:
• An annual evaluation of the disclosed remuneration of senior executives;
• an assessment of the average non-executive directors fees per diem and per meeting attended;
• a review of the policy disclosures of the ‘Top 80’ companies; and
• a five-year corporate performance review by sector.

The subject-matter is dealt with in six sections, each divided into a framework of five or six chapters. Case studies are appended to the chapters to which they relate.
In total some fifty areas in which HR executives and non-executive directors conventionally become involved are dealt with in this way. Each chapter is presented to subscribers as a PDF file, page numbered from 1 to typically 10 up to 15. Each has an introduction explaining typical problems, a middle section dealing with alternative solutions and an end containing carefully considered professional advice. The file can in this form be printed out and presented to top management as representing a summary of market best practice. Case studies can be printed out and used for internal problem-solving workshops or meetings.
Trend charts are set out in each chapter summarizing the approaches found across the SA labour market under each heading based on the annual surveys of P-E Corporate Services SA – summarizing the policies in place within over 800 surveyed organizations.
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